la barba coffee at home // REGULAR COFFEE DELIVERY

Want La Barba Coffee delivered regularly to your home?  Click below to get it delivered to your doorstep. 

once a MONTH

For the occasional coffee drinker.
Get a bag a month and drink great coffee. If you don't drink coffee that often, that's okay! You'll still always have La Barba coffee on hand.

Twice a month

For the individual coffee drinker.
If you are the only coffee drinker in your house and have cups most days, this will be the perfect stride for you. Enjoy a fresh cup each morning!

Every week

For the avid coffee drinker household.
Roll out of bed, hit the grinder, boil the water and make something great every morning for you and yours without having to worry about running out.



We know you have a lot of coffee options when you’re out shopping for groceries.  But let’s be honest, most grocery stores outside of larger markets sell the same stuff.  And if you’ve ever had the good stuff, it's hard to go back.  Let us take one thing off your grocery list and guarantee great coffee, punctuality and freshness.

Sign up for La Barba's coffee subscription and you'll be sure to always have amazing coffee on hand. Save money and time and always get consistently good coffee. With different options available so you can choose how much and how often you get coffee, so you'll never have to worry about it. Set it and count on it each week, every other week or every month. It's up to you.

subscription faqs

How do I cancel my account?  Simply login into the account you created with Plasso and cancel at any time.

What coffees do you ship?  Currently we offer a 'roasters choice' model.  That means we send you something different every month.  

Can I pick?  Currently, we are not set up for you to pick.  If you are interested in picking the specific coffee you get on a regular basis, please email to let us know you're interested in that.  

Do you offer refunds?  If the coffee is an unacceptable quality, yes.  Otherwise, no refunds.  We trust you to manage your account and cancel if needed.

When do coffee shipments go out?  We ship on Mondays.  

Bag a month - First Monday of the month

Two Bags a month - First and third Monday of the month

Bag a week - Every Monday