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ECOCAFE / Ranquitte, Haiti

This EcoCafe tells a better story about Haiti.  It's not country marked by needy, impoverished people.  It's a beautiful and very capable country with a long history of coffee production.  We chose this coffee to show that Haiti can once again make a mark on the coffee industry.  

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La Barba Coffee started in 2012 with the mission to bring specialty-grade wholesale coffee roasting to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Serving distinctive single origins and approachable blends, La Barba serves a mix of fair trade, direct trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees that we buy at premiums to pay a workable wage to the farmers, co-ops, and estates who grow the coffee.

We roast for balance and distinction, bringing out the inherent flavors of each coffee. Simple, honest, and unpretentious, La Barba roasts and sources some of the finest coffees in the American West.