become a wholesale partner

Want the best coffee all the time for your team or customers? Consider becoming one of our wholesale partners. Get the best coffee from the most knowledgable staff and save time and money doing it.

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We treat people twice as good as our coffee tastes.

We tirelessly commit to making better coffee and serving our customers. La Barba Coffee sources, roasts, packages and distributes all of its coffee. We also distribute a select portfolio of items and equipment intended to go well alongside our coffee.

As much as we love coffee we believe coffee is a driver of relationships and partnerships. We pay close attention to all of our partners and treat the smallest partners with the same level of care as our largest. Simply put, we’re in this to serve you well.

Contact Joe Evans, our head of sales & accounts, to learn more and you’ll see.




We obsess over your needs to ensure the best possible coffee and relationships. 

How does it work? Reach out to us. Set up a time to meet and talk coffee. Get to know us.  Choose us.  Meet with some from our sales + accounts team to get a feel for your coffee needs, timelines, etc.  From there we’ll work you into our distribution schedule to let you know you when you need to put in your orders, when to expect deliveries. Stuff like that.

Basically, choose us and let us walk you through our program and customize it for you where possible.

Contact us to learn about our prices and supplies.