La barba coffee // Ethos

We exist to bring good coffee to everyone.  La Barba Coffee // Draper is one of the largest statements we've made about it moving us to want to talk a little more about it.  We think 'good' is about flavor and ethics.  Levi works hard to source good in both veins.  Every person that walks in our retail spaces, every customer that buys our coffee wholesale should be treated twice as good as our coffee tastes.  

Watch Josh talk about the ethos of La Barba Coffee.

Rose Line Pottery

Travis from Rose Line Pottery has been fashioning beautiful things from clay for 27 years.  La Barba is lucky enough to collaborate with him to bring you a custom line of drink wares for La Barba // Draper.

Joe Evans

Joe Evans started in the coffee industry in Utah in 1996.   Since then, things have changed a bit.  In this video to take a brief dive into Joe's story and coffee philosophy.

Joe wears a lot of hats at La Barba Coffee all of which require some level of expertise.  

Ask him anything -

Quality Control

There's a difference between 'cupping' coffees and simply tasting them.  This is the cupping process. It's a communal experiencing of a the Coffee to assess for flaws or adjust roast profiles to better fit the Coffee under evaluation (among many other things). It's simultaneously a multisensory critique, deeper understanding, and celebration of the Coffee in question.