Nicaragua | El Recreo Estate

Nicaragua | El Recreo Estate


Tasting Notes: Cacao Nibs, Almond, Tobacco

It is El Recreo's vision to bring high quality Nicaraguan coffee to you, while practicing social and environmental stewardship. They believe the coffee business can make positive social change by protecting the land through sustainable farming techniques and promoting the well-being of farm workers and their families. They envision taking the best coffee from Nicaragua to the world, so that everyone can enjoy a cup of the goodness of our Earth.

To fulfill their vision of practicing social and environmental responsibility, they invest 5% of their profits to promote the following activities:

  • School of Technical Training – educating workers and technicians to promote sustainable practices
  • School for Kids – bringing education and family values to workers' children
  • Health Center – taking care of the workers and their families’ health
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