Colombia | Mujeres Cafeteras

Colombia | Mujeres Cafeteras


Tasting notes: Caramel, Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate

Coocentral is a large, well-organized cooperative that buys over 10.2 million kilograms of parchment coffee from 3,783 members throughout the department of Huila, Colombia. The department of Huila is located in south-central Colombia; its municipalities are: Gigante, Garzón, Agrado, Pital, Tarquí, Guadalupe, and Suaza. This area is known for producing a higher-altitude coffee in a more temperate climate.

Coocentral's motto is "Una gran familia al servicio del caficultor, comprometida con el desarrollo de la región," which means: "A big family serving coffee producers and dedicated to the development of the region."

Varietals: Caturra (80%), Variedad Colombia and Castillo (20%) 
Location: Garzón, Huila, Colombia
Altitude: 1,200 - 2,000 meters
Coffee Process: Washed
Number of Members: 3,783

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