La Blog (or Re-Introducing the La Barba Coffee Blog)

Well, hello there. It’s been awhile. Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Levi. I am one of the owners and founders of La Barba Coffee as well as the head roaster/chief product officer. I love coffee and I love writing. I’m not sure which I love more. I’m not sure I could l write without coffee in the morning, but I’m also not sure I’d have a reason to live without writing.

Since our inception in 2012, it’s been our goal to introduce the people of Utah and SLC to wholesale specialty grade coffee by roasting distinctive single origins and approachable blends. We aim to educate as much as to elevate. We want to be approachable without being pretentious. We are a third-wave roaster who wants to appeal to people of all waves of coffee (perhaps a blog about these coffee “waves” later).

Back in the day we used to have a little blog about different aspects of the coffee industry including biology, roasting, growing, etc. I’m not sure what happened to it, well, I am actually, I think we just go busy. So hello again. Here’s what’s happening with La Barba Coffee:

We now operate two retail shops—Café Madsen at the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Business Building and La Barba Downtown adjacent to the restaurant known as Finca—and have a growing list of wholesale clients.

This year, 2017 alone, we’ve sent two of our employees to Seattle for the annual Specialty Coffee Association—Joe Evans, our accounts manager and head of Quality Control and Assurance, and Gabbi Lemanski, our lead production roaster and warehouse manager, who is also heavily involved in QAQC. I myself will be going to Colombia the first week of July to visit a farm we’ve worked and purchased from consistently over the last three years—the Mujeres Cafeteras or, women coffeemakers, who are part of the large Coocentral Co-op in the region of Huila.

We will also be introducing a new shop to the South End of the Valley in Draper, (where they’ve just broken the fresh brown soil) which will either be shocking to you or completely make sense if you know our mission. As coffee grows from out of the urban centers to the further outlying areas of the state, we figured our approachable vibe and passion for coffee would work well in these formerly dry deserts of fine coffee.

So, be on the lookout for all of the above and more. Which I’ll explore each week in La Blog.

I wish you all the best in these chaotic times,



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