Haiti // EcoCafe (Reserve #5)

Haiti // EcoCafe (Reserve #5)

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Thank you, Haiti SALE March 16 - 23.  50% off coffee only while supplies last. 

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Brought to Haiti by French colonists, for almost 300 years Haiti has been the home to some of the world’s finest Arabica Typica coffee plants. By the late 1700s Haiti supplied over 70% of the coffee to Europe and the United States. Although the Haitian revolution of 1804 provided the former slaves with freedom, few countries were willing to conduct commerce with the newly emergent Haitian nation. Those very same Arabica Typica plants have remained on the island of Hispaniola ever since, naturally regenerating in the ideal tropical climate. With just a little care, using natural and sustainable cultivation practices, it has not taken long for the coffee plants to thrive and produce an ample harvest.

EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee is grown and processed in the North Central mountainous region of Haiti. At altitudes approximating 400 to 900 meters and grown under a natural shade canopy, EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee ripens slowly, producing a bean quality that matures evenly. No pesticides, commercial fertilizers, or other chemicals are used for cultivation or processing.