Enamel Pin // ALL 4!

Enamel Pin // ALL 4!


On November 1, 2012 a few friends sat around the table and sealed the deal on making La Barba Coffee a thing.  A real thing.  These pins tell of our affection for the great state La Barba calls home.

Seagull - the California Seagull is the Utah state bird.  Most of America hates these birds.  We love them.  Because they're our state bird.  Literally that's the only reason.

Saltair - Where else would the Saltair be something worth talking about?  It's a part of our social history.  It burned down twice and for some reason we built it a third time.  We love it.

Logo - Obvious.

Five - Stylized "5" from the and of Nick D'Amico at Design by Diamond helping us celebrate 5 years in business.

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