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In 2012, Levi, Tim, Sam, and Josh sat around Josh's table and decided to join forces.  On November 1, 2012 they started selling coffee to people.  And now, 5 years later, we celebrate with a design built around the city only a mother could love.  

We commissioned Nick D'Amico of Design by Diamond to help us come up with visuals highlighting the quirks of our city, the things that make us who we are.  We don't want to bury or ignore our odd history, we want to be marked by it.

Icons - brown.jpg

Ultimately we settled on the Seagull and Great Saltair.  Two things that really make very little sense anymore.  The Utah State Bird is the California Seagull.  We don't really need to explain this absurdity much more.  The Saltair burned down twice and was rebuilt each time for some reason.  And now its a great place for a concert! (!!)  

Point being, it's easy to laugh at Utah.  Our liquor laws, our government, our icons, the things we brag about, the things we hope for (grocery stores getting higher than 3.2% beer). The keyword is 'ours'.  It's quirky but it is ours.  This design set is a celebration of what's ours.

Icons - yellow.jpg

La Barba is a direct representation of this city only a mother could love.  Warts and all.  We can laugh because we pay taxes here, raise our children here, ski here, eat here.  If you're not from here, you can't laugh.  Sorry.  

And though you may not need reminding, when the windblown from the northwest, the scent of the lake reminds us exactly where we are (and who we are to some measure).


The Great Saltair - yellow.jpg
Seagull - brown.jpg
The Great Saltair - Lockup - Brown.jpg
Seagull lockup - yellow.jpg